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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Wednesday, March 31 2010

So, I probably missed the drop in temp.
Did you know a dog's temperature can drop 3 or more degrees? Cool, huh? When this happens, labor is eminent within 12 to 24 hours. Geddie's was 98.9 at 1:00 today. Since I rushed out without taking it this morning, I don't know if that was on the way down or on the way up. Either way doesn't matter, Geddie is getting ready. She is not yet in Stage 1 Labor (unless her's does not include panting). She is only interested in staying in her whelping box and resting. Have you seen your dog get "THAT" look? 3rd eyelid showing, sighs and moans? This would be Geddie. But, the jingle of food hitting the bowl? She could do a triathlon in the Olympics ; ) Every book you can read says that your bitch will go off her food. PULLEEEZ! They haven't owned a Ridgeback! I haven't EVER had a Ridgeback bitch go off of her food for puppies. In fact, they are happy to eat inbetween each whelp! This is good, though, because you can get them to keep eating calcium rich foods to keep labor progressing. I bought a big container of cottage cheese today (my personal favorite).

I am sure tomorrow's update will include how many and what kind, so keep watch....but not too early. I am predicting a 2 A.M. start time with a Noon finish. Wanna put some money on it? All I care is that she waits until AFTER American Idol ; )

Wanna know my Labor cheer? (Old Cheerleaders never die)
"Push 'em back, Push 'em back, Waaaaay back!"


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Monday, March 29 2010

We are close, oh so close. Geddie was restless last night with a bit of nesting (first for her). I remember the last weeks of pregnancy.....Huge, uncomfortable, grumpy and THE SNORING! Lucky for me, Geddie has skipped the snoring ; ) She is having a hard time getting comfortable and really she just wants to eat and know where I am every second. This IS the sweetest dog ever and I suspect she will be a kind, gentle momma dog with lots of patience.

Friday's X-ray revealed, easily seen, 8 puppies, with a shadow of a possible 9th. Geddie is very short coupled so the puppies are all jammed in a smaller area than you would expect for a female her size. She is 27+ inches and was 81 pounds pre-puppy. She weighed 99 pounds last Friday and I am sure she has packed 2 more puppy pounds on since. She is very lean, so this is ALL puppy weight. On Friday she had some Adema in her rear teets, but it is gone now, whew! I can't get her to lay with her feet propped up ; )

I was feeling sorry for Geddie yesterday, until I went for a visit with friend Roxanne (to pick up Lincoln). See, this wonderful person is pregnant......WITH TWINS!!! Identical BOYS! And is scheduled for a c-section on April 13th. Both babies already weigh close to 6 pounds, EACH. She actually looks fantastic, but her small frame is wavering.

Enjoy these, potentially, last pregnant pics of Geddie. My Flip Video batteries died last night. I wanted to video the Aliens jumping around inside trippy.

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Friday, March 26 2010

Here we go! The final countdown to puppies!
Geddie came to stay, last night. She is HUGE!! OMG, totally boob-a-licious.
Grace and I enjoyed feeling puppies move around her loin, while Geddie stretched out and relaxed on my bed. No milk yet, but I swear any minute it will be here ; )
Today we have an appointment for an X-ray, to see how many to expect. We didn't have an ultra-sound done, so an x-ray is a must! I don't want to think she is done having puppies at 6 out, only to find out there are 4 more in there and she needs a c-section to save them.
Here are pictures of Geddies progress:

31 days

43 days

56 days

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Saturday, March 20 2010

Two things that I JUST CAN'T HELP:
1. My mouth and my expressing disdain for losing at dog shows.
2. Taking pictures and video of London.

It's no secret that I am not wealthy, so sending out Zero as a Special has to be calculated and specific. I am not an idiot (I don't think); I know I probably won't beat the "Big Guns with the Big Money and Big Advertising," but when you go AOM behind them time after time with your young KICK ASS dog and hear that they are retiring.............
Whatever, I am pissed.
The damn dog can't stay home at a show with 20 effing RR entered.
Did you see Tonya Harding's ex-husband hiding in the crowd?
I love my handler Juliet and know she will make him look spectacular, when I can't be there, and not show him like a "Dope on a Rope" and laugh all the way to the bank.

Now, on to happier "Issues."

London, damn I love this dog. Born and raised in my house with Kinley on both sides of her pedigree.........she is simply perfect! My children just call her "Puppy" which I love.
Here she is today, begging for a gummy fruit snack.


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Friday, March 19 2010

So, I head over to drop off the blankey and backpack of Miss Shumba to her grandfamily. She was to head, Sunday, down to the other side of the family for a bit of "country living" in St. George, but the fear of iminent "heat" changed those plans. An executive decision, on behalf of "The Safety Council for Aegis Ridgebacks," was made and Shumba came home with ME, the mothership ; ) She will stay until Geddie whelps, then go back to the grandfamily for a minute, then back to Aegis until her owner returns from the wilds of Alaska!

Why am I such a crazy breeder lady? Well, why would I go to all the work of bringing these unbelievable animals into the world only to say "You're on your own, baby?" I am available, I like dogs, I am used to a steady stream of RR, etc... in my house (along with 4 children) and I AM A RESPONSIBLE RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK BREEDER!  HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!

Welcome back Shumba! We love your goofiness.......and it runs in the family!

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Thursday, March 18 2010

Miss Merritt and Zero, the Hero, left last night for some fun on the road with Dave and Juliet! None to soon either! Mandy, the mastiff, came into heat this morning. This leaves London and Tailor here, so just GIRLS! WHEW!

Geddie Spaghetti will be coming to stay, starting next weekend, to get ready for her puppies. We are very excited. Don't know how many are coming, but we'll shoot an X-ray on day 55. She gets her food increased tomorrow......I am sure her owner's will be happy to get her off of their backs! She has been asking(winking) to eat 15 minutes earlier each day. She is sure she is starving to death, but looks just perfect.

Lastly, I put out a request for Aegis RR and Kids photos and have gotten some real keepers. Take a look at the new RR and Kids page on our website.

Buenos Dias

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Erin Coogan
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