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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Wednesday, May 26 2010
Our resident Fluff Ball "Cat"  Ruff's Sweet Moon Shadow!
Tibetan Mastiff Female 15 weeks old!

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Monday, May 24 2010

What a FANTASTIC weekend! Zero headed to Cortez, CO. for shows with his best girlfriend, Juliet, and picked up a breed win and a Best Opposite Sex (hehehe i said sex) Win. Locally, I hauled Lincoln, London, Tailor and Arwen Ridgebacks and Mandy and Zepplin Mastiffs up to Logan, Utah for two days of shows. It was a Clean Sweep in Ridgebacks! Lincoln won Winner's Dog both days for 2 more points (now he needs ONE to finish), Tailor won Winner's Bitch (oh yeah I love that name) for 2 more points and (drum roll please) LONDON won Winner's Bitch (bitch, bitch, bitch What? Its a dog show) for her first 2 points. Arwen placed in the Open class both days. Mandy and Zeppelin were Reserve both days.....grrrrrrr. This is what we call a "Killer Show Weekend" in Dog Talk........not the same as "Coffee Talk" (say with New York accent from SNL).
On to the Poop Fest........take a look at these puppies.....I INVITE you to find me some 7.5 week shots of lovelier puppies. As fat as they are, you CANNOT make a roll over the shoulders. And the heads? They'll be melting some hearts very soon! Take a look.
Mr. Purple

Miss Hot Pink

Mr. Dark Green

Miss Rose/Burgundy/Red

Mr. Light Green "Manly Man" (wow, didn't realize the twin-ness with these two)

How about some body shots

Mr. Dark Green

That's all I have time for today. 9 more days of school! Oh and it is SNOWING today! Guess that means another Mayhem in the kitchen play/exercise day for the puppies. Keep that in mind, if these puppies don't get a full hour of running amuck each day.........they are quite incorrigible.......oh, like kids ; )

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Thursday, May 20 2010

Really? 7 weeks have gone by? All the pee and poop you could ever dream of! I just L-O-V-E cleaning the puppy pen........especially when the puppies swarm to see me and smear the poop everywhere and stand on the papers so I can't clean them up. Now that is just plain FUNT IMES.
Even more fun.....SHOTS! They will get their first set today. They will need a second set at 9 weeks (which I will send home with each puppy) and 3rd set around 12 weeks, along with a Bordatella shot so they can do puppy preschool. Oh, right......OBEDIENCE SCHOOL.....yep, a requirement. Please don't think "but I've raised lots of puppies." Really? How many were Ridgeback Puppies? Because Geddie refuses to repremand the little suckers, they are more mouthy than they should be. They are very smart and active and need mental stimulation or will bark for attention. DON'T CREATE A RIDGEBACK MONSTER. Choose your puppy preschool class today.

And here is the Queen B-O-R-E-D with the idea of puppies.....better get over it're next!

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Wednesday, May 19 2010
Ever try to take a picture of a moving target...........or 9 moving targets?

Playtime in the kitchen (rained yesterday) was MAYHEM! Tearing up the Tecate box, ripping up all the newspaper put down, WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Free For All!
Forget about that wrist strap on the camera......fair game too!

Plenty of time for hangin' out too.....well, for a few seconds anyway.

Always time for Lovin'
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Monday, May 17 2010

Finally got some "real" shots..not just, cutsey shots.
Here we go:

Hot Pink                                                   Light Pink

Miss Rose                                                 Miss White

Mr. Blue (with a yellow collar)                         Mr. Dark Green

Mr. Light Green                                            Mr. Purple

Mr. Yellow Fellow


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Wednesday, May 12 2010

Now THIS is ridiculous! At almost 6 weeks old and close to 13 pounds, is this really necessary? I like to let my momma dogs stay with her puppies if she wishes, but come on Geddie! She doesn't repremand them, never growls, never makes them leave her alone. She has to be kept away from them after her meals or she runs over and reguritates it for them. Poor Geddie is going to have to be replaced by Aunties Merritt, London and Tailor...........someone has to whip these monsters into shape! They are lacking the manners that most momma dog's require of their brood. I have to give them a shake of the scruff every now and again for acting like jerks with each other (biting an ear and not letting go or worse......a boy part). Good thing we have a couple more weeks of training to come!

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Tuesday, May 11 2010

I always put a crate in the pen for the puppies to sleep in. It is a hit! Unfortunately, not everyone fits in it at one time........but not to worry. We play hard now and sleep even harder. These puppies are so freakin' cute! Butter Balls! They eat puppy food 3 times a day and Geddie still stands in the pen and nurses them a couple of times a day. Yesterday she puked up her lunch for them.........oh, sure, the 12 pound puppies must be starving. As If!

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Thursday, May 06 2010

Oh, their cute alright! 5 weeks old today! Needles for teeth, poopin' butts and sweet kisses that you fall for.......then a BITE!!!! Yeeeeoooooow!

Are you my friend on Facebook? See photo album there!

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Wednesday, May 05 2010

First an updates for 5 days? Sorry folks.....busy, busy, busy!

Next, a friend continued to pester me to weigh the puppies. Finally, I relented last night. Well, I suppose the puppy food topped off by Geddie "Whale Milk" Momma is working. I haven't pulled out old puppy weights, but I am going to wager that these puppies rally the weights of the Riley x Abi litter and the Deion x Kinley litter.

drum roll...........................................................

10 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 weeks 4 days old. The smallest puppy is 8.3 pounds. I love fat puppies, but these guys are just plain big........hardly a fat roll on any of them, just bulk. Here are the two 10 pound boys Mr. Light Green and Mr. Purple. Everyone got real collars last night, they have no trouble wearing them.

Both of these puppies were 15.2 OUNCES when born.........

Remeber that day?

And finally, a Shout Out to Geddie's sister Karma in Canada..........she whelped 8 puppies yesterday! It will be fun to watch the first cousins grow ; )

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