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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Thursday, May 20 2010

Really? 7 weeks have gone by? All the pee and poop you could ever dream of! I just L-O-V-E cleaning the puppy pen........especially when the puppies swarm to see me and smear the poop everywhere and stand on the papers so I can't clean them up. Now that is just plain FUNT IMES.
Even more fun.....SHOTS! They will get their first set today. They will need a second set at 9 weeks (which I will send home with each puppy) and 3rd set around 12 weeks, along with a Bordatella shot so they can do puppy preschool. Oh, right......OBEDIENCE SCHOOL.....yep, a requirement. Please don't think "but I've raised lots of puppies." Really? How many were Ridgeback Puppies? Because Geddie refuses to repremand the little suckers, they are more mouthy than they should be. They are very smart and active and need mental stimulation or will bark for attention. DON'T CREATE A RIDGEBACK MONSTER. Choose your puppy preschool class today.

And here is the Queen B-O-R-E-D with the idea of puppies.....better get over it're next!

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico