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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks

You are invited to research Aegis Ridgebacks Online!
To see for yourself and learn how to research EVERY RR BREEDER'S Health Clearances, click the following link, type in Aegis, click "any part of name", highlight "Rhodesian Ridgeback" and click "Search" at the bottom.

Dual Ch. Kivuli's Kennecott Copper,SC, HIC
Ch. Kivuli's Hodari Rasuli X Ch. Kivuli's First Edition
"Kinley" aka "Baddog"
Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Ch. Kimani's The Standard Image,JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Jigifa, JC
The #3 Brood Bitch in 2002 from ONE litter!
The #2 Brood Bitch in 2006 from ONE litter
Has 2 qualifying legs towards her CD title  
Kinley lived with Erin, Gracie & Dylan
in West Valley City, Utah
Ch. Aegis Zandhele Aziza, JC
Ch. Kimani's The Standard Image,JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Jigifa,JC
The only pointed Open Field Coursing RR in History!
owned by The Hendricks and Amy Balthrop 
Ch. Aegis Going For Gold,JC, HIC
Deion X Kinley
Sydney,the sweetest most gentle lover girl around and Wooowooo'd to let you know it. 
She lived with Jillyn, Don, Alta and her son Aegis Rula Bula "Conor"

Aegis Rhodeo Girl
Deion X Kinley
Miss Tet is just 3 singles short
of her Championship
She is relocated back to Oregon for
her retirement years!
Welcome Home, Arete!!!!

American and Canadian Ch. Aegis HALO, ROM (canada), CGC
BIS Ch. Oakhurst WGASA Morgan Run, ROM X Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Our First Canadian Champion!!!!!
With 4 Canadian Champion get, Halo earned her Register of Merit
She is also the Dam of 3 American Champions!
Adored by Pia in Quebec

Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Goddess Rhea
Ivan X Sydney
Finished long before 2 years old.
Owned and loved by Maria Jongeblood
of Portland, Oregon

Ch. Aegis The Simple Life, JC
Morgan X Kinley
What a Sassy Blonde indeed!
Loved by Cheryl & Duncan Livingston in Utah

Ch. Aegis San Diego Surfer Dude
Mokey X Annie
This Big Hunk of a dog finished his
Championship with 3 Majors in 4 weekends.
He is loved by The Nickles Family and
maybe even Hailey(a little) in Denver, CO.

Canadian Ch. Invictus Army Of Darkness
Ch. Rivercity's Travlin Man, JC x AM/Can Ch. Aegis Halo, CGN
Bred by Halo's owner Tamzin Hart and Aegis, this Canadian
hunk of burning love lives with Leeloo, Esme (the Puli) and 3 orange kitties!
Major pointed in the U.S. too!!!!

Ch. Aegis What I've Not Got
Riley x Abi
Owned and Loved by
Jim Piirala and Tara Layton and his
house buddy Aegis Hellraiser 23 "Pete"

"Bing" (pictured at 12 months)
Ch. Aegis Bada Bing Bada Boom
Ivan x Arete
Damn Good Dog! Tons of personality,
Tons of love, Tons to say!
Lives the "Farm Dog" life with the
Dexter's in Orovada, NV., his girlie
friend,Tailor, and his daughter, Kylie. 

Ch. Aegis Beg, Borrow and Deal
Morgan X Kinley
A total of 4 weekends, 3 Majors!
Loved by Jesse Frick in Arizona

BISS AKC GRCh. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas,JC
Ch. Rivercity's Travlin' Man, JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Halo,ROM
Bred by Invictus: Tamzin Hart, Canada
Owned by: Aegis and Invictus
Lives with: Erin and Family
The #3 RIDGEBACK IN THE U.S. 2010!
Best of Breed Winner at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.
Best of Breed Winner at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club!
Award of Merritt Winner at the 2011 RRCUS National Specialty!
Best of Breed Winner at the 2012 SDRRC Specialty Show!
The #2 RIDGEBACK IN THE U.S. 2011!

Can. Ch. Invictus The Fifth Element
Ch.Aegis Bada Bing Bada Boom x Rivercity's Fit To A Tea
Bred by Wendy Dexter and Aegis
Owned by Tamzin Hart/Invictus Ridgebacks
Lovely, Lovely, Lovely and evidently
Bubbalicious too.

Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN, OA, OAJ, NF
Ivan x Arete
You ain't seen nothin' yet!
Bred and Owned by Aegis
We fight over who loves her the most....
Erin and kids, Jillyn and Don or Dave and Juliet!
Webmaster wins!!!!! Erin and the kids! hehehehe

Ch. Aegis Elektra Red of Argos, RN,OA,OAJ,TD,JC,VC
GCH. HPK Tropaco Troyan Argos of Coso,JC x Ch. Coulee Ridge's Runaway Red @ Aegis,SC,NAP,NJP
Loved and Trained (a lot) by Lisa Erickson et. al. in Oregon!

GCh. Mutare's Morning Moon at Aegis, SC
Ch. Kimani's Walk on the Wildside,ROM x Gch. Umtali's Playful Beginnings, JC
owned by Aegis and Mutare
LOVE this girl with the Kissing Paw (LF WHITE SOCK)
Our Pride and Joy

Ch. Aegis Zealed With A Kiss
Ch. Aegis Unreal Zeal,RE,CD,NAJ,TT x Ch. Aegis The Simple Life, JC
Just 3 months after delivering 10 beautiful puppies,
our best girl "Puppy, Puppy" is finished!
She's our Home Girl, living at the Coogan/Johnson house always!

Canadian and American Ch. Elyia's Stardust
Am/Can Ch. Thornberry Akala x Can Ch. Invictus Love Actually
A puppy in big boy clothes! Finished with 4 majors!
A fabulous addition to the Aegis Family from Canada.
Adored by Aegis Foxy Roxy and the Mitchell Family.

Ch. Aegis Shaken Not Stirred
Zero x Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN,OA,AXJ,NF
Totally Dork-a-licios and loved by
all! Livin' the high life with
Jillyn and Don in Oregon.

GCh. Aegis Let The Future Begin, TD, JC
Zero x Lexi
A Super Star- Dream Girl
Huge congrats to her Breeder/Owner
Lisa Erickson in Oregon for a 100 %
Breeder/Owner/Handler Champion!

GCHB. Aegis Fool Proof
Zero x Kylie
#13 RR in the US 2016
This pistol lives in Nevada with James Dexter.
Best Friends for LIFE!

GCH Mutare Aegis Take Charge Lady, JC
Zero x Julia
Sweet like her momma; Tender like her pops.
Enjoys being spoiled by George Demary, Reba and Bruno in Ohio!

Ch. Aegis Jigifa, JC
Ch. Calico Ridge Downtown Brown, ROM X DC Kivuli's Kennecott Copper,SC
OUR FIRST HOMEBRED CHAMPION !!! ok, Jillyn's first, but Erin got to show her.

Ch. Aegis Ruby Tuesday
Ch. Kimani's The Standard Image, JC,ROM X Ch. Aegis Jigifa,JC
Loved by Linda Siplon in Casper, WY.
1998-2013 really!

Ch. Aegis Custom Continental, JC
Ch. Kimani's Walk On The Wildside, ROM X Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Top 20 RR for 2002 and 2003 conformation.
Reserve Winner's Dog 2001 RRCUS National Specialty
Award of Excellence AKC/Eukanuba Invitational 2002
RRCUS Medallion Winner
BARRC Best Veteran in Sweeps Winner 2008
Leroy lived with Dan, Mylisa, Zachary & Joshua Graham in Sandy, Utah

Ch. Aegis Amarantha,JC
Deion X Kinley
Annie finished handily with 3 majors, even with the "dreaded"(not) 4 white feet!
She is still making it up Millcreek Canyon (8 miles round trip) at 10 1/2 years old!
She is loved by the Ausbeck family in Utah:
Holly, Avey, Carlin, Claire & Chris
2000-2014 yep, it's the truth

Aegis The Accurate Image
Kinley X Deion
Deserves an Honorable Mention here.
Kaz was unfortunately hit by a car in
2002, he was 2 singles short of his
Championship and had one leg towards
his Junior Courser title.
He was adored by the Wawryzniak's.

Ch. Aegis Wild Mountain Aspen
Deion X Kinley
Aspen finished with multiple breed wins and a group placement!
Now spayed, she lives the good life with The Shupe's in Washington.
Kimberly, Eric, Lakely, Kimball & new baby boy.

Ch. Mokibo of Makana
Morgan X Kibo
Not bred by Aegis, buy definitely part
of the family!
This sweetheart of a guy lives with the
Wawryzniak's, Kary, Sherry, Madison, McKay, &
Keagan in St. George, Utah.

"Zedahn" or "Z-Man"
Ch. Aegis Half Touch Of Gold, JC, HIC
Ch. Mokibo of Makana X Ch. Aegis Amarantha, JC
Mokey and Annie's first Champion!
Owned and loved by Chris, Tami & Zander Martin, Oregon.

American and Canadian DUAL Ch. Aegis Cardinal Riley, SC, NJP,CGC, HIC,TT
BIS Ch. Oakhurst WGASA Morgan Run, ROM X Ch. Aegis Xqwizit Mountain Image, ROM
Our First Home Bred FIELD CHAMPION!!!!
He is adored by his ladies, M.K., Brook, Lexi and Lisa Erickson in Portland, Oregon

Ch. Aegis Limahuli O'Makana, JC
Mokey x Annie
The Hoo!
Now a Beach Comber on the Oregon Coast with
Mike McReynolds.

Ch. Ramnes Unreal Zeal, CD,RE, OAJ, CGC, TT, VC
Ch. Globe's Daredevil of Lionvelt, OA, OAJ, RE, HIC X Ch. Aegis Going For Gold,JC, HIC
Snuggled by Tammy McGill of Sugar Hill, GA (also owner of his sire Ivan).
Finished in a flash at barely one week over his First Birthday, And do you see
all of those titles he is racking up? NICE

AM/CAN.Ch. CouleeRidge's Runaway Red @ Aegis, SC, NAP, NJP
Leroy x Abi
Loved by Lisa, MK, & Riley in Oregon!
We love this leggy Super Model!!!!!

Ch. Aegis Jahzara Nia
Riley x Abi
Spoiled rotten by owner
Emily Cramer and adored by
house buddy rescue "Obi"

Ch. Invictus Armageddon of Aegis, JC
Travis x Halo
Bred by: Invictus and Aegis
Owned by: The Nielsons and Aegis
Lover of everyone and everything (well, not deer!)
We lost Geddie Spaghetti to stomach bloat/torsion...what a tragedy.

Ch. Aegis Honest Abe
Huli x Abi
Abi's 4th Champion!
This hansome YOUNG Champion is caretaker of a new set of Twins!
Loved by the McMurray Family.

Ch. Invictus African Queen
Travis x Halo
Hot Damn! 4 Majors.

Ch. Aegis Voodoo
Huli x Abi
One leg towards my Junior Courser too!
Loved by the Kanoho's in Oregon.

Ch. Aegis Zoey of Hidden Meadows
(Ch.AegisBadaBingBadaBoom x Ch.Invictus Armageddon at Aegs, JC)
owned and loved by the Everman's of Applegate, OR

CH. Kamari's Lailaps At Aegis
Zero x Ch. Copperridge Spirit In Motion Kamali
Bred by: Renee Vitullo and Lin Hainlan
Owned by Aegis and the Grahams.
Filling the shoes of his predecessor, Leroy, at the
Graham household in Utah!

Ch. Aegis Foolish Pride
(Bing x Geddie)
Beautiful, Sweet and a lotta bit Goofy!
Farm girl turned couch hog
Loved by the Dexters, daddy Bing and auntie Tailor.
2010-2014 died due to aggressive mastitis tumor gone wrong.

Ch. Aegis One In A Zeallion
Ch. Aegis Honest Abe x Ch. Aegis Zealed With A Kiss
Six straight weekends and a bunch of Majors
New Champion!
Loved by the Gearharts

GCh. Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
Zero x Merritt
An easy road to her Ch. status
with Jillyn on the lead. 100% of 
points from the Bred-by class!
Best in Junior Sweeps at the 2013
RRCUS National Specialty.
Loved almost every minute by Jillyn,
Don and their Aegis Crew

Ch. Aegis Everybodyz Enviouz
Zero x Zirah
Multiple specialty WB honors!
Nevada Farmdog with buddy Bing, daughter Jolie,
and the Dexters!

Ch. Aegis Everybodyz Zealouz
Bing x Tari
Sweet, obedient, snuggly soft.
Another Dexter success!

2009 Earns Aegis 5 New AKC Champions!
and RRCUS Top 10 Breeder Award, Again!

Ch. Aegis What I've Not Got
Ch. Aegis Jahzara Nia
Ch. Aegis Bada Bing Bada Boom
Ch. Invictus Armageddon At Aegis, JC
Ch. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas, JC

2010 Earns Aegis 4 New AKC Champions, 1 AKC Grand Champion, THE AKC/EUKANUBA National Champion RR, and 1 Canadian Champion! Awarding us a RRCUS Top 10 breeder Award, yet AGAIN!
Ch. Aegis Honest Abe
Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN
Ch. Aegis Voodoo
Ch. Invictus African Queen
GCh. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas, JC (#3 RR in U.S.)
Can. Ch. Invictus The Fifth Element

2011 has finished UP! AEGIS RIDGEBACKS had 2 new AKC Champions, 1 Canadian Champion, 1 AOM at the RRCUS National Specialty AND the WINNER of BEST OF BREED at the Westminster Kennel Club!
 Ch. Aegis Elektra Red of Argos, RN, TD
Gch. Invictus Nightmare Before Xmas, JC (Top #1 RR Dog- All Systems)
and New Canadian Champion too!
 Ch. Aegis Zoey of Hidden Meadows

And 3 Top 20 AGILITY Contenders!
Ch. Aegis Molotov Cocktail, RN, OA, AXJ, NF (#13)
Aegis Fierce Tiger, RA, NP, NPJ, NA, NJP (#18)
Mwen-Yezi's Epic Powder Day, OA, AXJ, NF (#15)

2012 Starts With A BANG
as Zero is awarded BEST IN SPECIALTY at the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and the Bay Area RR Club with over 100 RR entered at each!

New! Ch. Kamari's Lailaps at Aegis
New! Ch. Mutare's Morning Moon at Aegis
New! Ch. Aegis Zealed With A Kiss
New! Ch. Aegis Foolish Pride
New! Ch. Elyia's Stardust
New! VC Qualifier & Open Agility Title Ch. Aegis Elektra Red of Argos, CGC, RN, JC, TD, OA, OAJ
New! Rally Obedience Titles J'onahhrebel Elisha of Aegis, TT, RA, HIC
New! Open and Excellent Agility Titles Aegis Fierce Tiger,RA,OA,AXJ,NAP,NJP
New! Excellent Standard Agility Titles Mwen-Yezi's Epic Powder Day, AX,AXJ,NF
New! Best In Sweeps Winner/BARRC Specialty Skydance One Magic Dream
(Zero x Magic)

2013 was a great time!
Lots of fun and excitement with Top Dogs in TWO COUNTRIES, 3 new AKC Champions, 1 AKC GCh, 1 RRCUS Best In Sweeps Winner and 1 CKC Champion

New! Ch, GCh Bronze, #3 Bitch and #13 RR in U.S. Tahari's Redwood Original
New! #3 RR in Canada and Can. Ch. Elyia's Stardust
New! Ch. Aegis One In A Zeallion
New! Ch. Aegis Shaken Not Stirred
New! RRCUS National Best in Sweeps Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
New! VC Qualifier Ch. Ramnes Unreal Zeal, CD RE OAJ

2014 gave us ANOTHER
RRCUS National Specialty Best In Sweeps WINNER!

New! RRCUS NBIS Aziza's Hottest Ticket In Town (Ziggy son)
Best Ridged Male Finalist RRCUS National Specialty Aegis Gift of a 2nd Chance
New! Ch. Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
New! Aegis Let The Future Begin, JC, TD
New! Zero's kids Victor and Victoria CH.
New! Ziggy son Ilan from Lionridge CH.

2015 We Are HOT!!!

New! GCH. Aegis Hazelnut Expresso
New! GCh. Aegis Let The Future Begin, TD, JC
New! Ch. Aziza's Hottest Ticket In Town (Ziggy Son)
New! Ch. Aegis Fool Proof
New! Ch. Lionridge Maximum Voltage (Ziggy Son)
New! Ch. Skydance One Magic Christmas (Zero Daughter)

2016 Fruits Of Our Labors!!!
New! Ch. Mutare's Aegis Take Charge Lady "Duja"
New! Ch. Aegis Everybodyz Enviouz "Tari"
New! Ch. Aegis Red Hot Firefly by Aziza "Zoey"
New! Ch. Aegis Me Too At CJs Ranch "Ditto"
New! Aegis Gift of a Second Chance "Kai"
New! Ch. Tahari's Original Revelator At Aegis "Revel"
New! GCH. Luvakis Legen-WaitForIt-Legendary! (Zero son) "Bro"
New! Canadian Ch. Desert Song's Bossa Nova Baby (Ziggy daughter) "Scotia"
Are there more? Should there be? YOWZA

2017's Not Over Yet!!
 "Zero" Best Veteran and AOM at the RRCUS National Spcecialty
"Julia" LURE COURSING Best Veteran at the RRCUS National Specialty

Zero kids:
New! Ch. Aegis Dancin' Fool With Mutare "Zappa"
New! Ch. Skydance The Spell Is Cast, RN "Cassie"
New! Ch. Toiyabe's Leading The Dynasty "Fallon"
Ziggy kids:
New! Ch. Skydance's Magical Stardust for Sokira
New! CD Title Lionridge's Embers In The Night "Ember"
New! Ch. Mosi Along By Desert Song "Mosi"
New! Ch. Desert Song's Hollywood Start "Hollywood"

Don't worry, we just didn't update for 3.5 years! Erin relocated to New Mexico and Jillyn to Nevada...then COVID.

Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico