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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Monday, March 29 2010

We are close, oh so close. Geddie was restless last night with a bit of nesting (first for her). I remember the last weeks of pregnancy.....Huge, uncomfortable, grumpy and THE SNORING! Lucky for me, Geddie has skipped the snoring ; ) She is having a hard time getting comfortable and really she just wants to eat and know where I am every second. This IS the sweetest dog ever and I suspect she will be a kind, gentle momma dog with lots of patience.

Friday's X-ray revealed, easily seen, 8 puppies, with a shadow of a possible 9th. Geddie is very short coupled so the puppies are all jammed in a smaller area than you would expect for a female her size. She is 27+ inches and was 81 pounds pre-puppy. She weighed 99 pounds last Friday and I am sure she has packed 2 more puppy pounds on since. She is very lean, so this is ALL puppy weight. On Friday she had some Adema in her rear teets, but it is gone now, whew! I can't get her to lay with her feet propped up ; )

I was feeling sorry for Geddie yesterday, until I went for a visit with friend Roxanne (to pick up Lincoln). See, this wonderful person is pregnant......WITH TWINS!!! Identical BOYS! And is scheduled for a c-section on April 13th. Both babies already weigh close to 6 pounds, EACH. She actually looks fantastic, but her small frame is wavering.

Enjoy these, potentially, last pregnant pics of Geddie. My Flip Video batteries died last night. I wanted to video the Aliens jumping around inside trippy.

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico