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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Thursday, March 18 2010

Miss Merritt and Zero, the Hero, left last night for some fun on the road with Dave and Juliet! None to soon either! Mandy, the mastiff, came into heat this morning. This leaves London and Tailor here, so just GIRLS! WHEW!

Geddie Spaghetti will be coming to stay, starting next weekend, to get ready for her puppies. We are very excited. Don't know how many are coming, but we'll shoot an X-ray on day 55. She gets her food increased tomorrow......I am sure her owner's will be happy to get her off of their backs! She has been asking(winking) to eat 15 minutes earlier each day. She is sure she is starving to death, but looks just perfect.

Lastly, I put out a request for Aegis RR and Kids photos and have gotten some real keepers. Take a look at the new RR and Kids page on our website.

Buenos Dias

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico