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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Friday, March 19 2010

So, I head over to drop off the blankey and backpack of Miss Shumba to her grandfamily. She was to head, Sunday, down to the other side of the family for a bit of "country living" in St. George, but the fear of iminent "heat" changed those plans. An executive decision, on behalf of "The Safety Council for Aegis Ridgebacks," was made and Shumba came home with ME, the mothership ; ) She will stay until Geddie whelps, then go back to the grandfamily for a minute, then back to Aegis until her owner returns from the wilds of Alaska!

Why am I such a crazy breeder lady? Well, why would I go to all the work of bringing these unbelievable animals into the world only to say "You're on your own, baby?" I am available, I like dogs, I am used to a steady stream of RR, etc... in my house (along with 4 children) and I AM A RESPONSIBLE RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK BREEDER!  HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!

Welcome back Shumba! We love your goofiness.......and it runs in the family!

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico