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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Monday, April 26 2010

A friend sent me a text about another RR breeder's 5 week old litter.........7 pounders.
I hurried and grabbed Mr. Light Green, put his tub of lard on the scale....6 pounds 13 ounces!
I respond with a text saying "Poor Starving Puppies" hahahaha
It is rumored that Geddie is producing Whale or Seal milk......possibly.

Miss Rose....aka Wide Load. Her ridge isn't short, it's all smashed with fat rolls at the top.

Since she seems hesitant to feed on their every squeal, I chose to start the weaning process. I have to feed the puppies their gruel while Geddie is outside. Not because she will eat it, but because she is TOTALLY OFFENDED!!! When she comes in, she sniffs them, licks here and there, cleans up their bodily messes and then plops down to nurse them. Really? I just see her like a normal mother.........No one else can feed my babies! But the rest of the time she goes over to the box, whines at the crying puppies and walks away........what a bitch.
Yesterday I told her to get on the dog bed, she did.........I put the smaller puppies on her.......oh the heaven of a soft bed and your puppies.......what a princess.

Last night I suspect Geddie woke the puppies up every two hours.....JUST TO PISS ME OFF!!! She then wouldn't feed them, so, led by Mr. Blue, they would scream for 20 minutes. So, at 1:30 AM I go out to the front room for the SECOND time and let Geddie outside because she was walking around on the hardwood floors PURPOSELY tapping her toenails! An hour later the puppies are screaming and Geddie is whining. WTF? I am tired, angry and about to blow. I go to the box and find Mr. Blue sitting over in the corner screaming while the rest are sleeping. I grab him, throw him on top of the puppy pile and like lightning Geddie is in the box ready to nurse. Huh? Oh, don't hurt my puppies I was just about to nurse them. PULEEZ.
At 3:30 when the same scenario presents itself........I go out and tell Geddie "YOU WOKE THEM UP, YOU FEED YOUR PUPPIES!" She jumps in immediately.
I don't know what this game is, other than she wants to sleep on my bed AND be with the puppies.........get over it or "YOU'RE FIRED"
Maybe a nap this afternoon? As if.

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico