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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Saturday, April 24 2010

Interesting day.
Went to bed last night thinking that since the puppies were all settled in their new digs in the front room, I would get some sleep..........whatever. A mother's ears plague me; I hear everything. 3 benedryl, 4 ibuprophen and 2 glasses of wine could not save me. (I had a migraine)
So, the morning starts the same as every other. Mastiff starts in at 6:15, then Geddie starts pacing, puppies start whining ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I'LL GET UP!!!! GEEEEEEEEZ! Everyone is fed and pottied, so Zero and I head to bed for 2 more hours THANK YOU BABY JESUS.
Mr. Blue puppy popped up with a perfect halo of hives on the top of his head yesterday; they were still there this morning with some of his wrinkles swelling or are they just fat rolls? Either way, I decide to call the vet and he says, better come in. Suck.
Pack up the pup and his brother for company. Dr. Edmunds finds the culprit in 5 seconds. A lesion inside his upper insect bite. Poor baby. Nothing 2mg of Dexamethazone won't cure and we are off..........

Here's the new digs:

And here is a of these is not like the others:

Oh, so the reason for today's title.....the puppies had their first FOOD tonight!!!! Baby Rice Cereal and goat's milk.......mmmmm tastey.............they had no trouble licking the pan clean. Ridgebacks and Food, like a Hotdog on a Stick (or cheese on a stick) and Lemonade. Look at the picture above, it was taken after the puppies had their first meal topped off by mom....I see a smile on Mr. Blue's face. Cute.

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico