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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Wednesday, April 07 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Poor Geddie just can't seem to get the puppies clean enough! Sadly, they are suffering for it. She obsesses over them so compulsively that they now have RAW behinds and I have to treat where their dew claws were removed with Neosporin. Also, I had to take her away from the puppies when I am not there to stop the licking. My sanity is wavering. While I did get a bit more sleep last night, I finally put Geddie in her crate to stop hearing the licking and to let the puppies rest. She bugs them the whole time they are nursing and this lively bunch complains about it the whole time.

The last time I had such a noisy bunch of puppies was my litter 6 years ago out of Mokey x Annie and they are talkers to this day! Bing's dam is Annie's sister and Geddie's dam is Mokey's 3/4 sister. OH NO!!!!

So, here is my disclaimer. Your Bing x Geddie puppy will be a smart mouth! They will talk back when reprimanded and talk jibber jabber when happy.

I took some funny video Monday night, but am not sure I can upload it to the blog. Check my facebook later tonight.


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Erin Coogan
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