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Aegis Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Friday, April 02 2010

So, the excitement started at 4:17 April 1, 2010! April Fool's Day! No foolin'!
8 puppies pumped out by 9:35 A.M. Then we sat there, and sat there, then called the vet and planned to head out at 1:30. Betty came over to save me from my stink (nothing like placenta under the finger nails to start the day) and WAALAAA, puppy #9 at 1:38. She always saves me!
(A quick story about Betty saving me. 6 years ago, Kinley was whelping puppies and I had to go to work, so Betty came over. I was beside myself because she had popped out 4 ridgeless in A ROW!!! I told Betty she was not allowed to deliver anymore ridgeless while I was gone. Well, 5 more PERFECTLY RIDGED puppies came ; ) Betty to the Rescue!!! Woohoo!)
So, we both feel confident that there is a 10th puppy inside and it is 4:20, so we head to the vet before they close. Ultrasound shows a ton of fluid and the placentas she hadn't passed yet, but no more puppies. So, a shot of calcium and oxytocin and home we go. Thank doG there wasn't another puppy in there because she never had another contraction. She passed the placentas and slept the night away.
We have some gassy belly's, otherwise their weights are holding and anything soft and fleshy gets nursed on (that includes momma's private area!). The ridges are slowly morphing into fluff (the coat stands out for the next few weeks hiding the ridge a bit), so we will re-evaluate later. For now, Geddie is protective and attentive and I am tired and bitchy. London wants to come lay on the bed and Tailor has diarrhea. Mandy, the Mastiff, just wants a little love. The kids are trying to master hand stands and pissing me off.

Life is good ; )

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Erin Coogan
Albuquerque, New Mexico